“Expanding.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter

Photography, Consciousness, Ralph Waldo Emerson

To truly “see” a thing, you must expand your horizons of perception

So often, we go through life noticing the “general essence” of the ideas, people and objects we come into contact with. But can we ever truly understand anything well unless we allow ourselves to look at it from multiple viewpoints?

Truthfully, every perception that we have has been skewed by…

“Stacked Up at the Port of Long Beach.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter


Here’s where your holiday gifts, computer chips and a myriad of other things you’ve been waiting for are

On a recent flight home to Southern California, we flew over the Port of Long Beach, one of the busiest ports in the country. We’ve seen the blinking lights of the container ships lined up out in the harbor at night. And, at sunset, I’ve seen their hulking forms silhouetted…

Photography, Life

A couple of weeks in photos

Stewing, brewing, looming in my mind…if only I had time to write them all down. So many little bits of poems are strewn about my house right now. I’ve been on a bit of a creative bent. But life has been so hectic that I haven’t published much of late…

“The Crow Dance.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter.


Finding the balance

Pockets. That’s where they dance,
the crows and the hawks,
when the Santa Ana’s blow in.

Perfectly balanced between updraft
and down, they find the sweet spot,
where they don’t have to flap a wing.

A tuck there, a twist here
and they’re floating
in perfect stillness amidst
the billowing wind…

“Shooting Blind” with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Photo ©Erika Burkhalter.

Photography, Photography Tips, Travel

It’s like the old days of mirrorless cameras with no viewfinder

I was late to today’s mirrorless camera game. I loved the idea of a smaller, lighter camera (made possible by the omission of the traditional “mirrors” in DSLRs) but I hated the fact that there was no viewfinder in the earliest version of these cameras. …

Fire in the Sky. Photo ©Erika Burkhalter.

Photography, Travel, Sunsets

A sunset above the clouds

Flying from Dallas to Alexandria, Louisiana last week, I looked out of the window and saw that the sky was on fire. I’ve always loved watching sunsets from the plane. And we had seen a beautiful one a couple days before on a flight home from Maui.

But this one…

The Breath of Stardust. Photo ©Erika Burkhalter.

Poetry, Spirituality, Photography

Transcendent light

I am the breath of stardust
and the fire in the heavens.

I am the light that fills you
even though you
might not see.

Who am I?

You tell me.

For some, I am the Goddess,
painting the earth
with feathered brooks and daisies,
nodding in the breeze,
and also the diversity…

“Sunset for a Matriarch.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter.

Photography, Travel, Life

A week, or so, in photos

I have, literally, been on ten airplane flights in the last ten days.

We had planned an eight-day trip to Maui months ago. It was part business and the rest pleasure.

And then my husband’s 93-year-old mother fell and ended up in the hospital. We quickly went from thinking that…

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky. All photos ©Erika Burkhalter.

Photography, Travel, Perspective

Sky photos over the Pacific

There’s a place, over the Pacific Ocean, en route to Maui, where the sky and the ocean meld into one unending stretch of blue. It’s nearly impossible to say where the earth’s waters stop and the heavens begin.

Erika Burkhalter

Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)

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