A transcendent moment with a teapot

“Tea.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter

I lost myself today, mid-pour, in a stream of tea.
Halfway between spout and cup, the sun
caught hold of that golden brew.

And, for a breath or two,
nothing moved.

There was no me.

There was only tea.

Then my fingers trembled
and the world came back into focus.

Freyja, my “mini-Maine Coon.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter. All photos were shot with a Nikon z7II…

Cats, Photography, Life

Bisou and Freyja really enjoy showing off their tree-climbing skills, and I had fun playing with my new Nikon 100–400mm (ƒ4–5.6) VR S lens

The screech of the hummingbirds. The twitter of the goldfinches and sparrows. And the warmth of the sun-drenched stepping stones. It’s just all too much to resist on a sunny winter Southern California day, if you’re a cat.

Bisou, Freyja, Uma and Emerson, with those fluffy coats and a fair…

“Hi. I’m ‘Big Red.’ I rule the fountain.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter

Zooming in with my new Nikon 100–400mm (ƒ4–5.6) VR S lens

The screeching and dive-bombing go on all day long. “Big Red,” the dominant male Allen’s Hummingbird spends most of his time darting back and forth from his perch in the nearby orange tree to the feeder and back again to the tree, where he can keep an eye on the…

“Howl like the Moon.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter

Poetry, Photography

A Goddess poem

When I see that navel, fully bathed in the glow of the sun, yet shrouded in the depths of darkness, pregnant in the sky,

I can’t help but wonder about the smooth expanse of flesh, so close, and yet uncratered by the fists of time.

The other cheek. Another profile.

A lovely moonlit night. Photo ©Erika Burkhalter

Life, Cats, Gardening

A week, or so, in photos

We’ve been absolutely parched this fall, in Southern California, up until the last few weeks, that is. When I first moved to Orange County, thirty-one years ago, winters were always punctuated by pounding rainstorms. I used to have a squeege-type broom that I would use to push water away from…

Bisou loves the Apple TV screensaver. Photo ©Erika Burkhalter

Cats, Nature

It’s not only Will Smith’s “Welcome to Earth” which has caught Bisou’s attention

As some of you might have read last week, Bisou has discovered a new passion for earth-themed TV shows. In particular, he really enjoyed Will Smith’s “Welcome to Earth” series.

Well, it turns out that he also loves the Apple TV screen saver.

“Dragon’s Claws.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter


Feeling the pressure

Like dragons’ claws, they clutch the soil,
scraping their way past flattened granite,
pushing into the pale light seeping through the eucalyptus
and pines and into my kitchen window. Forced into being
in a time that was never their own.

Ancient tendons, pointed ribs of green,
fluorescent pencil nibs curving into…

I can’t normally see this many stars with my bare eyes, but the “night-mode” captured…

It’s a bit amazing to see how much more that three-second exposure picks up than what is visible to the naked eye

During the lockdown phase of the pandemic, we were spending so much time in our backyard, and (in the summer months) in the pool, that we decided to splurge on installing colored lighting for the pool and jacuzzi. It cycles through phases like “romance” and “Caribbean” and “sunset.”

I love…

Polo Beach, Maui. Shot with my iPhone 13 Pro Max and converted into a “long…

Photography Tips, Photography

A really cool trick that puts a little “wow” into your photograph

If I told you that the above photo and the one below are the exact same photo, shot on my iPhone 13 Pro Max, would you believe me?

I’ve been playing around with longer exposures during the “blue hour” with my Nikon z7II lately, but I had no idea until…

Erika Burkhalter

Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)

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