From the perspective of someone who has had a “moderate” case of COVID-19, I can tell you for sure that this virus affects your blood vessels and lungs in a very weird way. My husband and I were sick in March. He went to donate plasma yesterday and they were unable to do the procedure because of difficulty with his veins. They told him that they are seeing a lot of this in COVID patients. I am going in to donate on Tuesday, and am curious how it will go.

The feeling in our lungs when we were sick was like nothing we have ever experienced. I described it as only being able to breathe out of the top 1/5 of my lungs. But we never had any fluid build-up. It was like our lungs were just not working. And we had hypoxia (without understanding it at the time). I kept having momentary episodes of passing out.

We are both athletes (he is 61 and I am 53). He is back to riding his bike 100 miles a week and I am back to hiking 5–7 miles a day. But when he was at the doctor yesterday, the doctor was really surprised to still hear rattling in my husband’s lungs. I think we will heal and will be fine, but it is just crazy what this virus does to the body.

Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)

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