I have just recovered from a “moderate” case of COVID-19. For me, one of the scariest issues that I had to deal with was that I do have autoimmune issues. I have psoriatic arthritis (and I had Guillan Barre years ago) so I was unsure of whether it would be better to keep taking my Otezla (which suppresses my immune system) or not. So many people who are having major problems with this illness are fighting their own body’s over-active response to COVID. But would taking the Otezla dampen my body’s ability to fight it? I ended up going off the Otezla and am now figuring out when to restart. I am well now, so we’ll see how it all plays out long-term. Thank you for your article.

Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)

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