You got COVID right about the same time that my husband and I did. We probably caught it on a plane coming home from the Dominican Republic. It is so weird to go from thinking, “We might have it,” to “we DO have it.” We were not able to get a test when we were in the worst part of it, but did get an antibody test yesterday (which confirmed it). We had the same weird brain fog. It does seem to be a common issue. We lost our sense of taste and smell too. My husband only had a fever for a few days, but I had a very high fever for two weeks (and we had the horrible chest constriction, aches and coughs). I bet that there are so many people who had such mild symptoms that they didn't even realize that they had it. Now that the antibody testing is available, I think we will find that the virus is way more wide-spread than anyone realized.

If you are interested in reading about our journey with COVID-19, I wrote a day-by-day story about it:

Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)

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